Yahoomail Sign Up Problem and Their Solutions

The Yahoo Mail sign up process is designed in a manner which makes it pretty much possible for anyone capable of reading and typing to go through it, without running into problems. It is, nonetheless, a technical process, and people trying to go through it do occasionally run into difficulties. Running into such difficulties makes it hard for such people to create Yahoo Mail accounts. Thankfully, most of the problems encountered in this process can be easily resolved, making it possible for the affected people to easily create Yahoo Mail accounts. We will now be looking at some of the problems that are encountered by folks attempting to create new accounts in the Yahoo Mail sign up process, and the possible solutions.

Yahoomail Sign Up Problem and Their Solutions
Yahoo mail Sign Up Problem 

Problems accessing the sign up page

The best way to access the sign up page is to enter the website address or, and then click on the ‘create a new account’ button to be redirected from the Yahoo Mail sign in page to the Yahoo Mail sign page. If you are doing all this, and still having problems, it could very well be that your internet connection has problems. A common solution to that problem lies in disconnecting and then connecting again, or contacting your ISP. It could, of course (and in rare cases), be a situation where access to the page is blocked by a network administrator or someone else: in which case you  can attempt accessing it through a proxy – unless you have reason to believe that doing so could put you in huge trouble.

Problems creating usernames

If the username you want to create is taken up, the system will naturally not allow you to use it. You can consider the alternatives the system gives you, or you can opt to think of something new altogether. Ultimately, you’ll have to come up with  a decent username, especially if the account you are creating is one you’ll be using on a day to day basis.

Problems creating passwords

If the system tells you that the password you have selected is ‘too weak’ you’ll need to ‘strengthen’ it by making it longer, and adding numbers and/or special characters to it. The system has minimum requirements, in terms of password strength, and if yours’ can’t meet these standards, you won’t be able to create an account.

Problems going past the sign up page

This is a situation where you fill everything right, click on the check-boxes indicating that you agree with Yahoo’s terms, then absolutely nothing happens upon clicking on the ‘sign up’ button! This can be mostly on account of a weak/dead internet connection. It is a good idea to test it, disconnect and reconnect to see if that sorts it out, or call the ISP. Sometimes, you may have to simply reload the sign up page, and go through the process again, and this time, something may actually happen upon clicking on the ‘sign up/create account’ button.

Problems entering captcha codes

You can click on the tiny refresh button next to the captcha code, so that a new (hopefully easier) captcha code is served to you. If your computer is connected to a speaker or earphones, you can click on the small speaker button next to the captcha code, to have it read aloud to you, and then enter it as it is read. Sometimes, the system seems to deliberately serve several captcha codes to new users (just to be double sure that they are indeed human), before creating accounts. In such scenarios, just enter the new captcha codes as soon as they are served, and you’ll eventually be redirected to the ‘account created’ confirmatory page on your second or third attempt.