Yahoo Mail Inbox Features

With new full featured yahoo mail web email service, you will discover that the inbox now has many improvements. Your email messaging experience at YMAIL LOGIN has become much better. The yahoo mail inbox has a clean looking user-friendly interface. You can now read your mails better without anything getting in your way. The following screenshot image shows how the new inbox looks like.

From the yahoo mail inbox, you can quickly preview your emails to save time when reading your emails messages. You simply click on an email message and it is immediately displayed in a preview pane. This is very useful if you are not sure which email contains certain information you may want to access quickly without necessarily opening the email. The screenshot image below shows the inbox with a list of email messages and a preview pane below them showing the contents of the particular email highlighted from the list.

When you open an email for reading, you can also easily move on to read the next one without leaving the inbox at all. This provides a great experience for users as it makes it possible to read all the email messages in the inbox much faster. The screenshot image below shows where to click to either navigate to the next email or the previous one.

Yahoo mail inbox has features that make it easy to organize your email messages. You can delete, move, mark as spam or perform more functions on any selected email message from the list in the inbox. These can help you maintain only the email messages you would like to read. Messages with the same subject are grouped as conversations and that also enhances your reading experience. From the inbox, you can easily access drafts, sent email messages, spam messages, trash, folders and recent emails. All these help in organizing your yahoo mail inbox. You can also personalize the inbox with your preferred themes.

You can enhance your experience with the yahoo mail inbox by choosing the right settings for viewing and writing email messages. You will access any of these options under the settings menu which drops down when you click on the settings button found at the top right corner of the screen. As shown in the screenshot image below, the “viewing email” settings section allows you to choose how to view message lists, preview pane options, message list density, time to mark emails as read, what happens after moving a message and preferred yahoo mail version.

Under settings, you will also find the “writing email” section with several options to choose from. These include saving copies of messages in sent folder and automatically adding recipients to contacts when sending email messages. You can also choose settings for default rich text font and signature as shown in the screenshot image below.