Yahoo Mail Experience In Composing Email Messages

Composing email messages with the new yahoo mail login has become even simpler and more intuitive than ever before. To start the process of composing your email message, just log into your ymail account at if you have already signed up. Immediately after your inbox opens, click on the “compose” section as shown in the following screenshot image.

Composing Email Messages

Once the yahoo mail email compose window opens, you will clearly be able to see the relevant fields “To” where to enter the recipient’s email address, and “subject” where to enter the main subject matter of your message. On the top right corner of the same email composing window near the close “x” button you will also locate the initials “cc” to click if you would like to add some recipients for the carbon copy. “Bcc”’ will also emerge to click if you want to add recipients for blind courtesy copies. All these fields where you can add email addresses of the appropriate recipients are shown in the screenshot image below. Options to hide them if not needed are also available, that is, “Hide CC” and “Hide BCC”.

After adding all the required recipients which you can easily do from your existing yahoo mail contacts, you will proceed to enter the subject and then below it start writing your email message. The new yahoo mail email composing experience is highly enhanced by the availability of rich text formatting options. However, you can still change the default rich text font under the “writing email” section of the “settings” in yahoo mail. Within the email message composing area, you can quickly format text as bold, italize, align, add emoticons, change text size, add links and so on. The options which allow you to accomplish all that are located right at the bottom section of the composing screen. That is also where the options for attaching files in your message are also located as shown in the following screenshot image.

Attaching files when composing email messages with yahoo mail is another enhanced experience. You can attach not only files stored in your computer, but also from Flickr and also by sharing from Dropbox. You can simply drag and drop the attachments. Towards the right end of the formatting options, you will also be able to choose your preferred language as shown in the following screenshot image.

Once you are through composing your email message with yahoo mail, you simply hit the “send” button and voila! Your message will be send to your recipient(s), so you can sign out from or continue performing other important email messaging tasks.
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