How to Use Your Yahoo Mail Account

Having successfully signed up for Yahoo Mail, you may find yourself in need of advice on how to use the new email account.

As it turns out, you can use your Yahoo Mail account to compose and send emails to others. You can use your Yahoo Mail account to receive emails from others. You can use your Yahoo Mail account to back up stuff. You can use the calendar feature in your Yahoo Mail account to keep track of appointments. You can use the notepad feature in your Yahoo Mail account to keep personal notes… Simply put, there is so much you can do with the account.

Composing emails with Yahoo Mail

To be in a position to compose emails in Yahoo Mail, you will first need to access the Yahoo Mail login page and then log into your Yahoo Mail account. There, you will find a button that is prominently labeled ‘compose,’ and that is the button you need to click on. This should lead you to a page where you will be given the chance to enter the email’s recipient’s details, co-recipients details, the email’s subject, and the email’s main body. Once you fill in all these details, you can opt to either send the email immediately, or ‘save as draft’ to be send (or otherwise processed) later.

Sending emails with Yahoo Mail

Having composed an email in Yahoo Mail, or retrieved one you had composed earlier from the ‘drafts’ folder, you simply check that the recipient details filled in are correct (always be sure to do this, to avoid embarrassment) and then hit the ‘send’ button. If the email is successfully transmitted, Yahoo Mail will give you an instant confirmation.

Receiving emails with Yahoo Mail

This is a question of logging into your Yahoo Mail account, and then selecting the inbox folder (by simply clicking where it is labeled ‘inbox’ or clicking on ‘check mail’). You will be given a list of all emails send to you, and to see the contents of any mail, you just need to click on it.

Processing the emails you receive with Yahoo Mail

You can delete emails, mark them as read (or unread), flag emails, transfer emails to different folders and much more. You just click on the check box to the left of the email you want to process, then select the processing operation you want to carry out (the operations are listed at the top and at the bottom). If, for instance, you want to delete some emails at once, you click on the check boxes next to them, then go to the top or bottom of the inbox and click on the ‘delete’ button.