Sending Yahoo Mail Messages With Attachments


At, you can now enjoy even a greater experience while composing emails and attaching files. Any web email service worth its salt must provide a way to attach files to messages composed for sending. Many people need to attach files of all types from pictures and documents to audio and videos. The attachments make it possible to convey more information than text only can ever do. Some documents require special formats not necessarily supported by the web email service composing and rich text formatting features. Many file types would also not be compatible for editing with the web email service, and therefore attaching files would be the only option for many. Fortunately, signing up for an email address at will not disappoint because yahoo mail allows at least 3 ways of attaching your files. These are shown on the screenshot image below from the file attachment icon drop down arrow.

Sending Yahoo Mail Messages With Attachments

Perhaps attaching files from computer is the oldest known way to send email messages with attachments. With that option the files attached add to the actual size of the email message sent. The only downside with that option is that yahoo mail like many other web-based email services limits the size of any sent email message not to exceed 25 MB. Although text itself will often contribute to the size with just a few kilobytes, file attachment requirements by users can often exceed 25 MB. To overcome that limitation, yahoo mail provides excellent ways of sharing the files so that your email only provides links to the actual location of the files. So in addition to “Attach from my computer”, yahoo mail login also provides “Share from Flickr” and “Share from Dropbox” options.

To attach files from your own computer with yahoo mail, click on the attachment drop down arrow and choose “Attach from my computer”. You will see a screen similar to the one shown on screenshot below.

A dialogue box allows you to browse the location of files from your computer. Once the file attachment process completes, you will see it listed with an option to remove it if need be. If it is an image, it appears as a thumbnail providing a quick preview as shown in the screenshot below. The file is also scanned for viruses during attachment.

Sharing files from flickr or Dropbox allows any size of file to be attached through a link. This does not increase the size of the email message sent with yahoo mail and provides smart options. Flickr is created automatically as you attach files to yahoo emails and allows you to share photos and videos.