How to Organize Emails With Folders and Filters On

Some of the most useful features in the new yahoo mail for organizing email messages include folders and filters. You can create folders into which you can sort email messages using filters based on any desired criteria. The criteria can be on what the email message contains about the sender, recipient, subject or the email body. To start creating a folder in yahoo mail, click on the “Folders” section and the following screen will appear. Click on the “Add Folder” button as shown.

Provide the name of your folder like in this case the new folder to create is “WORK”. Click the “OK” button to proceed and the new folder will be created.

The new folder created will be empty and therefore nothing will display in the viewing area. Only later once emails are received and sorted into the folder will they display in a similar manner as they do when you select “inbox”. You can create many folders depending on how you would like to organise your email messages. The folders will be displayed in a list and you will be able to click each to view its contents.

In order to sort emails into any of the folders you create, you must also create filters. These will define the criteria for sorting the emails into the folders. To start doing that, click on the settings icon and choose “Settings”. Once the settings dialogue box opens, click on the “Filters” section and then the “Add” button to start creating a filter.

The new filter dialogue box will appear as shown in the screen below. Enter the name of the filter to create and choose options that will determine the criteria of filtering or sorting emails. You might decide to name filters like the folders they are supposed to filter emails into. However, you can have many filters sorting email messages into the same folder. That means it may also help to name filters based on the subjects of the email messages. After selecting the rules that should apply for the messages, select the folder where they will be sorted into. In the case of our example as shown in the screenshot image below, the “WORK” folder previously created has been selected. After that just click on the “Save” button and the process will have been completed.

Yahoo mail therefore uses both folders and filters to ensure messages are received and organized as desired by the user. That way it becomes easier to access them while they may not need to clutter the inbox.