How to Manage Your Contacts In

The new yahoo mail login at allows you to add contacts in a more flexible manner than ever before. You can add email addresses of people you intend to communicate with to the list of your contacts. You can have your settings allow you to automatically save contacts from the details of recipients of your emails. Similarly, you can get contacts from people you receive email messages from. These two yahoo mail capabilities allow your contact list to grow without as you continue to send and receive email messages. Little efforts are required because the contacts are added automatically. Another easier way to add contacts is by importing them from other web email services like gmail or even another yahoo email account. You can also import contacts from social networks like facebook or even upload a contact file from your own computer.

All the various methods of adding contacts to your yahoo mail account simply the process which in turn makes future email communication easier. The following screenshot image shows how the contacts section looks like and the options available for adding contacts.

To add a new contact manually, simply click on “New contact”. A new “Add Contact” from will open up with blank fields provided for you to enter first name, middle name, last name, email, mobile, work details and the like. The screen image below shows how the “Add Contact” form looks like.

Importing contacts for your new yahoo mail account is a great option. If you have another yahoo account, gmail, facebook or any other supported account, you can easily import contacts and start sending them the emails you compose. You do not have to use the manual process of adding new contacts which can be quite tedious. Importuning contacts will only require a few clicks to authorize the access of contact details and addition of the same to your new yahoo email account. Even if your other account where you want to import contacts from is not supported, you can always first save the contact list in a CSV file. Then you can easily import contacts from the contact file. The following screenshot image clearly shows some of the popular sources where you can import contacts from.

The “Import contacts” option allows you to create your contact list in minutes and can be very useful if you have many contacts in other accounts. It is a great way of integrating and simplifying your communications so that when need be you can use a single platform rather many of them.