Yahoo Mail: Four Extra (Fantastic) Services You Gain Access to Upon Signing Up

There are some four fantastic services that you gain access to, upon signing up for Yahoo Mail services (besides the actual email sending and receiving services). Actually the number of other fantastic services you gain access to is probably bigger than this, but we will focus on the four top ones – these simply being the ‘top’ ones in our (probably subjective) opinion.

Without further ado, those four fantastic services you gain access to upon signing up for Yahoo Mail include:
  • The instant messaging service: this is what many of us otherwise refer to as the ‘chat’ service. What you get, upon signing up for Yahoo Mail, is access to the Yahoo! Messenger service. If you have access to a stand-alone Yahoo! Messenger client, you can log into it using the username and password you create at Yahoo! Mail sign up time. But, more interestingly, you will discover, upon creating a Yahoo Mail account, that the instant messaging service is actually integrated with the Mail service. So you don’t actually need a stand-alone Yahoo! Messenger chat client to access the service. You can chat from within your Yahoo Mail account.
  • The mail to SMS service: to be sure, this service is only available to Yahoo! Mail service users in certain countries. If you are lucky enough to be in one of the countries where it is available, you will be in a position to create SMSs (texts) and send them to phones from right within your Yahoo! Mail inbox. To do so, you just click on the drop down menu whose arrow is next to the ‘compose’ button, and specify that you want to create a new text message, upon which the system will serve you with the relevant resources to do so.
  • The calendar service: this is one of those rarely talked about (yet highly useful) features of Yahoo Mail. Using this service, you can keep full-featured calendars, as good as those you’d keep using Microsoft’s Outlook program. The good thing with the calendar you create using Yahoo Mail is, of course, in that it is hosted online, and can therefore be access from anywhere.
  • The notepad service: this is a service you can use to keep track of your ideas, plans, communication notes and so on. Just check right under the list of Yahoo Mail folders, and you’ll see somewhere labeled ‘Notepad.’ Click on this, and you’ll discover just how powerful this feature is (complete with its organized filing system for the notes you create).