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Yahoo is a great competitor of Gmail; these both are the top mailing sites which will give you experience of a whole new level. Yahoo is a free mailing site which provides you many services along with receiving and sending a mail. So, to sign up for yahoo, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • First of all, you need to open the any trusted web browser of your device whether its smartphone or PC or Laptop.
  • Now, you must type yahoo.com or www.yahoo.in or www.yahoo.co.uk or any .com extension which you prefer, it won’t interfere with you sign up process for yahoo in any way.
  • Now, you will get a link at the topmost right site of the webpage mentioning ‘Mail’, enter it.
  • You will be directed to the mailing site of yahoo.
  • Now, you can see a blue button ‘Sign up’ bigger than the rest of buttons, click on it and then you will be directed to the sign up webpage or you can also click on sign in and as you are new here and want to create an account in yahoo so then click on the ‘sign up’ link at the bottom right site of the web page.
  • Whichever way you follow; you will land on the same web page where you have to provide a couple of information in order to create a yahoo account.
    • It includes first name, last name, phone number and date of birth which is mandatory to provide.
    • Yahoo asks for phone number as in case you forget your username or password, it would help you to get back your E-mail address or reset your password.
    • You need to provide a unique E-mail address which is to be issued to you as an identity proof. You have to create a unique username which will be placed before ‘@yahoo.com’, while typing a username on the box yahoo will automatically provide you with username suggestions which are free to use.
    • Now provide a password to your account which shouldn’t be very easy to guess for your own safety, you will need it every time you sign in on yahoo.com.
    • You have to mention your gender too which is completely optional.
  • Now, check all the details and the click on the ‘continue’ button.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the phone number you have entered after you click on ‘text me a code’ or you can also go for ‘call me with a code’, fetch the code and enter it in the particular box and then click on ‘verify’.

  • Now you will be directed to a webpage saying ‘congratulations! You are a proud owner of a brand new Yahoo account’. Click on ‘Let’s get started’. Now, you have successfully created a yahoo mail account and you will be directed to your yahoo mail account where you can send and receive Emails and enjoy various other features too.
  • YMail Sign Up – How to Create a Yahoomail.com Account

    Yahoo mail is one of the most popular web email services that over the years have constantly improved user experience. Despite increasing competition from its rivals like gmail and outlook (previously known as hotmail or windows live), yahoo is still a force to reckon with. Yahoo mail sign up is fairly a simple process for anyone interested in its web email services. You should start by launching your favorite browser and typing www.yahoomail.com in the address bar. You will be redirected to a page which should give you both sign up and login options to choose from depending on whether you are an existing user or want to be a new user. The following screenshot image shows the purple colored “Sign Up” button that you will need to click to start the process.

    YMail Sign Up
    YMail Sign Up

    The next step of the www.yahoomail.com sign up as shown in the image below involves entering of some few personal details to become a user of the web email service. You will have to provide your first name and last name, and some email usernames will be suggested for you to choose from. You can also ignore the suggested usernames and pick your preferred username as long as its availability will be confirmed during the process. While you choose your password, you can check the “show” box otherwise it is hidden for security. A mobile phone number is one of the details required and has to be verified before the registration process is completed. After providing all the necessary information, check the box for “I agree to the Yahoo Terms and Privacy”, then click on the “Create account” button.


    After submitting your www.yahoomail.com registration form, you will immediately see the screen shown in the image below.

    In seconds, you will be redirected to your new yahoo mail inbox as shown in the image below. It has a new look with a user friendly interface that promises a better experience for users to perform email tasks much faster. With the yahoo mail sign up completed, you can immediately start composing, sending and receiving email messages.

    After successfully signing up for your yahoo email address and signing in, you can start customizing and personalizing it according to your preferences. After the first yahoo mail logon, you are automatically prompted to personalize your inbox by choosing your preferred theme. You can certainly do it at that stage or choose to do it later using the button provided at the bottom of the left side pane. Check the image provided below clearly showing the two options for changing your yahoo inbox themes.
    yahoo inbox themes
    yahoo inbox themes

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    Important Facts About Yahoo Mail Premium Services

    Yahoo Mail services fall into two broad categories. The first category is that of the free (of charge) Yahoo Mail services. The second category is that of Yahoo Mail premium services. Most people use the free Yahoo Mail services, and there is a lot of information about those all over the web. There is, however, relatively little information about the premium Yahoo Mail services, and that is where we will focus our attention – as we venture to look at some important facts about the Yahoo Mail premium services.

    The distinguishing factor for Yahoo Mail premium services

    The distinguishing facto for Yahoo Mail premium services is in that these are services paid for by the users (directly). That distinguishes them from the free Yahoo Mail services, that are not paid for directly by the users. As a matter of fact, the free Yahoo Mail services are still paid for – by the advertisers who are allowed to run their ads on the sides of the pages through which such services are provided.

    Who needs Yahoo Mail premium services

    Folks who find it hard to live with the ads served alongside the free Yahoo Mail services may find the Yahoo Mail premium services useful. Opting for the premium services means gaining freedom from the potentially irritating ads. Folks who use Yahoo Mail for business may similarly find the relevant Yahoo Mail premium services useful.

    The cost of Yahoo Mail premium services

    As with any other service, the costs can go up or down any time. But for the most part, these services are not expensive. Some actually cost less than 10 US dollars. Others cost tens of dollars, and in all cases, one gets real value for money.

    The major Yahoo Mail premium services

    The first one is the service where one can send emails using a domain name other than the generic yahoo.com, ymail.com and rocketmail.com. Under this scheme, one can, for instance, send mails under hiscompanyname.com domain name. Another example is the service where one gets to use Yahoo Mail for business, hence getting the chance to among other things, create 10 email accounts that can be managed by a single administrator.

    Whether the Yahoo Mail premium services are worth paying for

    For the most part, Yahoo Mail premium services are worth paying for — for the people who need them. The folks at Yahoo seem to go to great lengths, to ensure that the people who pay for premium services get a genuinely premium service, and a substantially better deal than that which is given to people on the free service platform. This makes payment for the premium services worthwhile.

    Yahoo Mail: Four Extra (Fantastic) Services You Gain Access to Upon Signing Up

    There are some four fantastic services that you gain access to, upon signing up for Yahoo Mail services (besides the actual email sending and receiving services). Actually the number of other fantastic services you gain access to is probably bigger than this, but we will focus on the four top ones – these simply being the ‘top’ ones in our (probably subjective) opinion.

    Without further ado, those four fantastic services you gain access to upon signing up for Yahoo Mail include:
    • The instant messaging service: this is what many of us otherwise refer to as the ‘chat’ service. What you get, upon signing up for Yahoo Mail, is access to the Yahoo! Messenger service. If you have access to a stand-alone Yahoo! Messenger client, you can log into it using the username and password you create at Yahoo! Mail sign up time. But, more interestingly, you will discover, upon creating a Yahoo Mail account, that the instant messaging service is actually integrated with the Mail service. So you don’t actually need a stand-alone Yahoo! Messenger chat client to access the service. You can chat from within your Yahoo Mail account.
    • The mail to SMS service: to be sure, this service is only available to Yahoo! Mail service users in certain countries. If you are lucky enough to be in one of the countries where it is available, you will be in a position to create SMSs (texts) and send them to phones from right within your Yahoo! Mail inbox. To do so, you just click on the drop down menu whose arrow is next to the ‘compose’ button, and specify that you want to create a new text message, upon which the system will serve you with the relevant resources to do so.
    • The calendar service: this is one of those rarely talked about (yet highly useful) features of Yahoo Mail. Using this service, you can keep full-featured calendars, as good as those you’d keep using Microsoft’s Outlook program. The good thing with the calendar you create using Yahoo Mail is, of course, in that it is hosted online, and can therefore be access from anywhere.
    • The notepad service: this is a service you can use to keep track of your ideas, plans, communication notes and so on. Just check right under the list of Yahoo Mail folders, and you’ll see somewhere labeled ‘Notepad.’ Click on this, and you’ll discover just how powerful this feature is (complete with its organized filing system for the notes you create).

    Yahoomail Sign Up Problem and Their Solutions

    The Yahoo Mail sign up process is designed in a manner which makes it pretty much possible for anyone capable of reading and typing to go through it, without running into problems. It is, nonetheless, a technical process, and people trying to go through it do occasionally run into difficulties. Running into such difficulties makes it hard for such people to create Yahoo Mail accounts. Thankfully, most of the problems encountered in this process can be easily resolved, making it possible for the affected people to easily create Yahoo Mail accounts. We will now be looking at some of the problems that are encountered by folks attempting to create new accounts in the Yahoo Mail sign up process, and the possible solutions.

    Yahoomail Sign Up Problem and Their Solutions
    Yahoo mail Sign Up Problem 

    Problems accessing the sign up page

    The best way to access the sign up page is to enter the website address mail.yahoo.com or www.yahoomail.com, and then click on the ‘create a new account’ button to be redirected from the Yahoo Mail sign in page to the Yahoo Mail sign page. If you are doing all this, and still having problems, it could very well be that your internet connection has problems. A common solution to that problem lies in disconnecting and then connecting again, or contacting your ISP. It could, of course (and in rare cases), be a situation where access to the page is blocked by a network administrator or someone else: in which case you  can attempt accessing it through a proxy – unless you have reason to believe that doing so could put you in huge trouble.

    Problems creating usernames

    If the username you want to create is taken up, the system will naturally not allow you to use it. You can consider the alternatives the system gives you, or you can opt to think of something new altogether. Ultimately, you’ll have to come up with  a decent username, especially if the account you are creating is one you’ll be using on a day to day basis.

    Problems creating passwords

    If the system tells you that the password you have selected is ‘too weak’ you’ll need to ‘strengthen’ it by making it longer, and adding numbers and/or special characters to it. The system has minimum requirements, in terms of password strength, and if yours’ can’t meet these standards, you won’t be able to create an account.

    Problems going past the sign up page

    This is a situation where you fill everything right, click on the check-boxes indicating that you agree with Yahoo’s terms, then absolutely nothing happens upon clicking on the ‘sign up’ button! This can be mostly on account of a weak/dead internet connection. It is a good idea to test it, disconnect and reconnect to see if that sorts it out, or call the ISP. Sometimes, you may have to simply reload the sign up page, and go through the process again, and this time, something may actually happen upon clicking on the ‘sign up/create account’ button.

    Problems entering captcha codes

    You can click on the tiny refresh button next to the captcha code, so that a new (hopefully easier) captcha code is served to you. If your computer is connected to a speaker or earphones, you can click on the small speaker button next to the captcha code, to have it read aloud to you, and then enter it as it is read. Sometimes, the system seems to deliberately serve several captcha codes to new users (just to be double sure that they are indeed human), before creating accounts. In such scenarios, just enter the new captcha codes as soon as they are served, and you’ll eventually be redirected to the ‘account created’ confirmatory page on your second or third attempt.

    Yahoo Mail Calendar – Manage Events And Things To Do

    Manage events and things to do using the new yahoo mail calendar options. After signing up for the new yahoo mail account at www.yahoomail.com, you can start using the amazing features that come with the yahoo mail calendar. The calendar is a useful tool for managing your personal time. You can mark on your calendar all the important dates with events or things you plan to do. These could be dates or time for anniversaries, birthdays, work, attending school, visiting doctor, meetings, making calls and so on. You can share your calendar with other users and they can also do the same, while you can also create several calendars depending on your personal needs. Your yahoo mail calendar can display daily, weekly, monthly or yearly views depending on your personal preferences as you manage your time.

    When you click on the “New Event” button as shown on the screenshot image above, you will get a dialogue box where to enter your details as shown in the screenshot image below. You can choose the start and the end dates or time, whether the event is to repeat, location, invitees, notes for description purposes, set reminder and choose the event type. After selecting the desired event details, click the “Save” button. The event details will be successfully saved on your calendar.

    By right clicking on any date on your calendar, you can also successfully create a new event for the particular date. The two options you get immediately you right click are “New Event” and “Open Detailed View” as shown on the screenshot image below.

    The dialogue box that displays for the new event for the particular date will show the timeline based on hours and the minutes. You will add the name or title for the event, choose location and click “Save” not unless you want to click on the “Add More Details” first.

    How to Manage Your Contacts In Yahoomail.com

    The new yahoo mail login at www.yahoomail.com allows you to add contacts in a more flexible manner than ever before. You can add email addresses of people you intend to communicate with to the list of your contacts. You can have your settings allow you to automatically save contacts from the details of recipients of your emails. Similarly, you can get contacts from people you receive email messages from. These two yahoo mail capabilities allow your contact list to grow without as you continue to send and receive email messages. Little efforts are required because the contacts are added automatically. Another easier way to add contacts is by importing them from other web email services like gmail or even another yahoo email account. You can also import contacts from social networks like facebook or even upload a contact file from your own computer.

    All the various methods of adding contacts to your yahoo mail account simply the process which in turn makes future email communication easier. The following screenshot image shows how the contacts section looks like and the options available for adding contacts.

    To add a new contact manually, simply click on “New contact”. A new “Add Contact” from will open up with blank fields provided for you to enter first name, middle name, last name, email, mobile, work details and the like. The screen image below shows how the “Add Contact” form looks like.

    Importing contacts for your new yahoo mail account is a great option. If you have another yahoo account, gmail, facebook or any other supported account, you can easily import contacts and start sending them the emails you compose. You do not have to use the manual process of adding new contacts which can be quite tedious. Importuning contacts will only require a few clicks to authorize the access of contact details and addition of the same to your new yahoo email account. Even if your other account where you want to import contacts from is not supported, you can always first save the contact list in a CSV file. Then you can easily import contacts from the contact file. The following screenshot image clearly shows some of the popular sources where you can import contacts from.

    The “Import contacts” option allows you to create your contact list in minutes and can be very useful if you have many contacts in other accounts. It is a great way of integrating and simplifying your communications so that when need be you can use a single platform rather many of them.

    Yahoomail.com Login

    Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email services on the web today. You have to successfully perform a yahoo mail login in order to access your email messages. This is quite simple to do as long as you have a working internet connection and a browser installed on your computer. It will take you just a minute or even a few seconds to log into your yahoo email account. You must have created or signed up for a yahoo mail account in the past so that you can be able to login in the first place. At www.yahoomail.com, you will find both the options to login or create a yahoo mail account.


    A yahoo mail login process can be achieved in several ways. The first one is by typing in the url www.yahoomail.com directly into the address bar of your browser and after that you will have the sign in page shown in the image below.

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    ymail login

    You need a yahoo id and password so that you can enter them into their respective fields and then click on the “Sign in” button. Secondly, if you would like to avoid having to enter your yahoo mail login details every time you want to login to check mail, you should make sure to keep checked the box next to “keep me signed in”. However, for your email security and privacy reasons you should not use that option on public computers as unauthorized users may access your yahoo email account. You should only use that feature on your personal computer or other device. For it to work, you will also need to make sure that your browser allows the yahoo mail cookie to be saved. Do not clear cookies or sign out after checking mail if later on you want to automatically sign in. However, yahoo mail will automatically sign out after 2 weeks and then you will have to enter your login details again.

    ymail sign in

    The third way of performing the yahoo mail login can be done immediately after you have just signed up or created your yahoo account. Remember you still have to enter the url www.yahoomail.com in order to start the sign up process. Once you finish the process, you will be automatically logged into your account and find the first email welcoming you to the service. Only during the next time you visit will you be required to enter the yahoo mail login id or username and password.